WWE Hall of Famer has high praise for Riddle and his character

Eric Bischoff

Riddle is one of the most entertaining and skilled WWE Superstars on the roster. He has wowed audiences with his in-ring ability, and has won many fans with his chill and relaxed character.

Since joining WWE Riddle has had a pretty decent career. Debuting on NXT back in 2018, the Original Bro has won the United States Championship, the NXT Tag Team titles and the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Now, Riddle has formed an entertaining partnership with Randy Orton to form the extremely funny tag team known as RK-Bro.

A lot of people have been very impressed by what Riddle has accomplished since joining the company. Recently, WWE Hall of Famer, Eric Bischoff, discussed Riddle and his character on an Ad-Free Shows Q&A Event. Responding to a question from Inside the Ropes, Bischoff revealed that Riddle is his favorite young star in pro-wrestling.

“As far as some of the younger or newer talent that are coming up who I think could be Main Event quality, I love Matt riddle. I, I just love him. Not only do I like his character, because this character, isn’t that unique. I mean, he, he does that character uniquely well, but we’ve seen that type of character in other forms of entertainment. (sic) So what’s that like something we’ve never seen before? He’s got what was that character from that movie? It was kind of like a, it was kind of like a burned-out skateboarder. But we’ve seen that type of character (in) other forms of entertainment. Matt does it so well. That’s what makes it unique is he does it so well and it’s so believable.” said Eric Bischoff (H/T: Inside the Ropes)

Riddle is destined to have a great career with WWE. Hopefully with some good booking, and great storytelling he can achieve everything he possibly can in his career.

Riddle has qualified for the upcoming Money in the Bank ladder match

The Original Bro took a step further in his career in WWE when he defeated Drew McIntyre on Monday Night RAW. The victory secured a place for him in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

It was a massive victory for Riddle, who will be taking part in his first Money in the Bank ladder match.

The victory came following his partner Randy Orton’s own loss in his qualifying match against John Morrison. This is something that The Viper blames on Riddle, who distracted him during his match.

Source – sportskeeda

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