Trending Hollywood news today: Britney Spears posts topless video, Chrissy Teigen shows scars post breast implants removal, BTS’ RM confesses he was jealous of Suga and more

Britney Spears

Hollywood never stays calm! The celebrities are always on their toes making news. As the day comes to an end, here’s a look at the trending stories of today

It is time for you get to get your daily dose of trending Hollywood stories. Stars like Britney Spears, Chrissy Teigen, BTS’ RM and many more turned out to be the newsmakers of today. Amidst the conservatorship battle, Britney Spears posted a topless video on social media. K-pop band BTS’ member RM spoke about being jealous of Suga and more.

Britney Spears post topless video

On Instagram, Britney Spears shared a video that sees her topless. She is covering her assets with her palms. We can see her wearing hot shorts and enjoying some time surrounded by nature. However, this video of Britney has raised concerns as fans are predicting that it is someone else who has posted this video. A comment read, “Am I the only one that’s getting really concerned by this?

BTS’ RM is jealous of Suga

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, BTS’ RM shared that he is sort of jealous of Suga as he can write lyrics for a song very fast. He said, “That’s why I can’t write lyrics as fast as I used to. I don’t know what I’m doing, so I have no choice but to just write first. And that’s why I think Yoongi is such an amazing person. I mean, how does he make that many songs, and so well? Maybe it’s because he takes a producer’s point of view, but I can’t do that. Not only am I jealous, but I also think the starting point when I’m making music has to be the lyrics. I just—I hope I’m on my way somewhere. But that’s how I always feel (laughs) so when I listen to my stuff from two years ago now, it already sounds old.”

Chrissy Teigen reveals scars post breast implants removal

On Insta stories, Chrissy Teigen gave fans a glimpse of the marks she incurred after she removed her breast implants. In the video, one can hear Chrissy joking, “Gonna keep lifting them, ’til the end of time.”

Sharing throwback pictures on Instagram, Anne Hathaway celebrated 20 years of the famous serial The Princess Diaries. She shared it with the caption, “Miracles happen… Happy 20th Birthday to #theprincessdiaries, AKA the film that launched a thousand sleep overs.”

Latest reports state that Scarlett Johansson has moved to court against Disney for releasing her film Black Widow simultaneously on OTT and in theatres. The lawsuit reads, “Disney intentionally induced Marvel’s breach of the agreement, without justification, in order to prevent Ms. Johansson from realising the full benefit of her bargain with Marvel,” as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

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