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The magicians and werewolves take some time to get going, but finish things with a potent spell



For those of y’all who love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, but always wished to watch them with a bit of violence and gore, and didn’t want to wait another year or two for the next installment in the franchise, then Netflix’s web series, The Order, is something that should be right up their alley. It has magicians, werewolves, secret societies, deeply buried dark truths, mysterious evils lurking around the corner and combines all these elements by taking the kid gloves off. What’s more, at just ten episode of 45-50 minutes each, it neither leaves you hanging nor stretches for too long. Also Read – What to watch on Netflix this week: Work It, Gunjan Saxena, 3%, (Un)Well, Fearless – 5 OTT titles to satiate your binge-watching urge

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What’s it about

Picking up from where things left off, season 2 of Netflix’s The Order first establishes a way for our werewolves to get their memories back after the magicians deemed that they knew too much about their secrets at the end of season one, despite the two warring faction joining hands to defeat the common threat of Grand Magus of the magical secret society, Edward Coventry. Once the writers seamlessly take care of that, multiple new threats emerge in the form of a new secret society, demons from different realms and invasion from non-magic practitioners, which again calls for the two antagonistic forces to make for strange bedfellows. Also Read – Class of ’83 trailer and release date CONFIRMED by lead star Bobby Deol — read deets

What’s hot

The Order takes a bit of time to get into its groove in its sophomore outing, but once it does, it’s time to fasten your seat belts. The mystery and intrigue really gels together form the sixth episode onward, and by the time you’re onto the eight one, you can’t wait to find out what happens next. Creator Dennis Heaton and his co-writers also throw in some really unexpected twists and turns that are guaranteed to both shock you and take the show into a good direction moving forward. Things aren’t for the faint of heart this time around, but those who relish murder and mayhem to go with their magic are in for a treat.

As was with the case in season one, the main ensemble cast of Jake Manley, Sarah Grey, Adam DiMarco, Katharine Isabelle, Louriza Tronco, Thomas Elms and Devery Jacobs are in good form again while the new additions of Anesha Bailey, Diana Bang and Matty Finochio lend admirable support. It’s Katharine Isabelle and Diana Bang who do the major lifting as far as the acting goes, with the others rallying around the cornerstone they build. Special mention to the top-notch VFX and makeup crew as also Mark Chow’s cinematography.

What’s Not

Some people may not have the patience if these fast-moving times to allow The Order the leeway of 4-5 episodes to get into the thick of things. There’s also the matter of some plot points occurring a bit too conveniently or one too many plot contrivances thrown in for the sake of taking the narrative forward. Another question that both the makers and editors Christopher A. Smith and Lara Mazur need to be asked is whether there’s a mandate to roll out ten episodes just because the first season had the same number, when this one would have been crisper, sharper and packed more bit had it been restricted to eight or maybe even seven episodes.

BL Verdict

Those who loved season 1, may find The Order Season 2 a bit shaky in the beginning, but after 4-5 episodes, the web show really packs a wallop. As mentioned before, it’s also a good fix for those yearning for some magical mystery albeit with a touch of violence and dash of gore. I’m going with 3.5/5 stars.

Rating :3.5 out of 53.5 Star Rating

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