Rubina Dilaik’s Fashion Journey in Bigg Boss 14 Summed Up By Her Stylist Ashna Makhijani Shah

When TV actress Rubina Dilaik decided to enter the reality show Bigg Boss 14, it was on a short notice that her stylist Ashna Makhijani Shah had to commit to her in this stint. Now, more than four months later, not only has Rubina become a finalist, she is also one of the hot favourites to take home the coveted trophy. On top of that, her various style outings in the show have been turning heads.

Praising Rubina’s style journey in Bigg Boss 14, Ashna, who has been guiding her fashion choices for two years now, says that the actress has never stuck her mind on particular outfits but was open to experimenting.

“Rubina is one of the most prepared actors I know about. Having said that, she never followed any hard and fast rule for the show. I think the fact that Rubina has worn everything so different everyday says a lot about how well she has pulled it off,” says Ashna who is now preparing for Rubina’s final week.

Furthermore, she opens up on her favourite looks of Rubina from the show duration and what it takes to prepare for Bigg Boss.

How did you come on board Rubina Dilaik’s Bigg Boss stint as a stylist?

I have been working with Rubina for almost two years now for her events, photoshoots etc. Rubina was travelling and she gave me a call literally a few days prior to her entering Big Boss 14. She asked me if this interests me and I don’t think anyone would have told her a no.

How would you describe Rubina’s sense of style in real life? Do you think her personal outlook towards fashion was reflected in her Bigg Boss journey?

Rubina is super experimental. She loves to experiment with her personal style. She is also one of the most versatile actors I’ve known. She can literally pull of anything right from a saree to a power suit. Rubina has been wearing almost everything & more than that she loves dressing up. I think that shows very well on the show as well.

How satisfied are you with the way Rubina projected herself on the show in terms of styling and the outfits you chose for her?

Rubina is truly a ‘Style Icon’. She is a confident person and that shows in the way she carries herself. Rubina is someone who can even pull of a basic black T-shirt well only cause of the way she carries herself.

How did you prepare for Weekend Ka Vaar outfits and looks as opposed to Rubina’s day-to-day costumes on Bigg Boss?

That was a challenge as Rubina was so well dressed on her day to day basis. So, to make sure that her Weekend ka Vaar outfits looked even a notch above was very important for us. But again, we did a complete mix of styles right from lehengas to sarees to co-ords to gowns. Rubina has worn a huge variety of styles through the weekends.

What are your 5 favourite looks of Rubina in Bigg Boss 14?

The hot pink dhoti saree is one of my favourite.

White Suit Look

Dark Green Saree

Puffed 2 Set

Press Day White Skirt and Crop Top

Did you guys also pick outfits depending on Rubina’s mood on a particular day in the Bigg Boss house?

What Rubina wore on which day was purely her call but there are tasks etc which the contestants aren’t always aware of. So they plan what to wear according to what the day looks like.

How different is it to style a celebrity for a show like Bigg Boss as opposed to isolated events or daily soaps?

Its very different. In Big Boss, you have no contact with the actors at all and that on its own makes it extremely difficult. Whereas for events or photoshoots there is a lot of trials and fittings that goes around. But regardless, Bigg Boss has been a great experience.

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