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Nishant Singh Malkhani blasts Jaan Kumar Sanu for his fake friendship, says, ‘He is a guy who can swear on his mother and later backstab people after calling them bhai’



Nishant Singh Malkhani aka Akshat Jindal of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega is out of Bigg Boss 14. One of the top names of the season, Nishant was evicted through an in-house eviction, which is being debated by fans of the show. Upset at his unfair elimination, Nishant chats up on his co-contestants and why he cannot stoop down for a show. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: From Aly Goni-Jasmin Bhasin to Pavitra Punia-Eijaz Khan: These 5 jodis are expected to up the entertainment quotient in the show

People are surprised at your eviction and system of in-house elimination
There was no chance of me getting out by voting system. It is extremely unfair. Bigg Boss is a junta ka show. I feel your stay and elimination belongs to the audience. It is their right. What is the use of their votes if you do not eliminate by that method? See, housemates will remove the contestants whom they feel will be a tough contender/threat in the coming days. It is tough to beat me in physical tasks. Inside the house, I was always unbiased. I stood by what is right. I had no bias. All of them noticed this. When they got the power, I knew I did be an easy target. And when the guy whom I considered like my younger brother backstabbed me, I could not expect much from the others. Sab ne behti huyi Ganga main haath dho liya. He told me that he needed a friend and brother and I invested emotionally in him. I got second-highest votes that week. It was pretty unfair. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14, Day 28, Preview: Jasmin Bhasin and Pavitra Punia have an argument over Aly Goni; Rubina and Abhinav celebrate Karwa Chauth

Even Sara Gurpal and Shehzad Deol have felt that the evictions were unfair…
Obviously, if you do not consider public votes, it is not making sense. It is run by the junta. It is an audience show. If you decide within yourself, what is the use of voting. Also Read – TRP Report Week 43: Anupamaa maintains at top spot; Bigg Boss 14 and Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah fail to make it in top five

The TRPs of the show have taken a dip. Do you feel this is a reason?
This week’s TRP is really low. If you do not give importance to audience why should they give importance to you!

Critics felt that you failed to deliver despite being a big name on the show…
I will say that people really stooped down to get footage inside the house. They were shouting like animals for small matters. It looked like street side behaviour. I cannot go down to that level for footage. They took my decency as my weakness. It created problems for me. I have class and decency. It is in my genes and DNA. I cannot leave it. My parents have taught me better. They had a problem with my classy behaviour. They always wondered why I did not think like them. I have never dealt with such cheap people. I have always worked with decent people. Main aise logon ko aas paas khada naa karun, door se bhaga doon. They were only talking about how to cheat and backstab on others. Dhoka Dena is not my nature. No one was worth interacting with inside the house.

Jaan cried after your elimination. Even Rahul Vaidya looked upset and said he did sort matters outside…
Jaan (Kumar Sanu) is a snake. He is the worst possible human being to be friends with. Who ek number ka duffer hai. I am shocked at his moral compass. He can make fake promises. He is a guy who can swear on his mother and later backstab people after calling them bhai. If you see a snake on the road and Jaan, I would tell you to trust the snake and not him. He is dhokebaaz and dogla.

But people would say that it is a game show and survival takes precedence over friendship…
I feel you are a ghatiya (low) human being if you can break someone’s trust for your own benefits. Jaan is that…

Do you feel the presence of Toofani Seniors hampered the new contestants since they were faces with a huge fan following?
These seniors have a huge fan base. It could be a reason why people took time to warm up to us. Of course, they (the seniors) can get an instant audience. Our journey could not be as raw and spontaneous due to them. It was like a college set up in the first two weeks. Bigg Boss is an independent show. When they were there, the final call rested with them. Even in the fights, the ultimate decision was with them. After two weeks of conditioning, our real journey started. If we started off really raw on the show, maybe the journeys of the new lot would be little different.

Your takeaways from Gauahar Khan, Hina Khan and Sidharth Shukla…
Gauahar is a very black and white person. She is very ethical. Her sense of right and wrong is too strong. Sidharth Shukla is logical and sensible but he can do anything to win a task. He is very ruthless but that is in favour of the game and entertainment quotient. He does not argue without a reason. Hina Khan knows when two play with emotions and when to use the brain. I chose Hina as I could connect with her. I am emotional but practical in life.

What do you feel about the two jodis inside the house, Nikki Tamboli – Jaan Kumar Sanu and Eijaz Khan – Pavitra Punia?
Dono bahut bekar fake jodi hai. Jaan chalo theek hai…like a servant he is roaming around Nikki since day one. She treats him like a servant and insults him quite often. He has become like a pet dog. He cannot do without her. Nikki is using him. She needs an assistant and manager to be at her beck and call. He somehow manages to get her attention whether it is by singing or running around her. Nikki plays along, as she knows it might generate content for them.
Eijaz and Pavitra are the fakest people inside the house. He is a compete psycho, mad in the head. In the second week, he told me he had a vision. I do not know if it was telecast. He said that he saw that people were sleeping, and he was on the chest of a contestant stabbing him with a knife. And all the blood was on his face. That kind of violent and scary thoughts he has. He is a complete psycho. He is a classified mad man and needs medical help. He is a psychotic human being who only wants to get ahead in the game whether it is through dhoka (betrayal) or jhooth (lies).

She is the most classless woman I have come across. When you pass through a chawl, you sometimes see such types of women. In the smallest of matters, she can start screaming and abusing. I was shocked seeing her sadakchaap, chawl style of talking. I have never met such a woman or handled one. I was wondering, ‘Yeh kaise log hain, kahan see ayein hai. Kuch toh class ho…’ (I wondered who are these people and where do they come from. Being actors, they do not have even an ounce of class). Sorry, I cannot deal with such kind of people.

You looked great on the show. Your styling was bang on…
The credit should go to my styling team. They deserve the credit. Whether it was casuals or weekend ka vaar, they designed some great looks. If I stayed longer you would have seen more amazing outfits.

What exactly went wrong between Eijaz Khan and Kavita Kaushik?
Kavita was tired of the fact that Eijaz Khan went around saying that she is his best friend. She said that he went around saying that she would be his support and ally. I do not know much about their equation, but I feel they are colleagues and not friends. It seems they interacted only once in the lockdown. She cooked him a meal, which is fine given that all of us helped one another in that tough phase. She said that in 10 years she once made meal for him and that it is. But the frustration got better of Kavita. It came across as Kavita was insulting him. She was just trying to explain her side of the story.

How did your family react on the elimination?
My folks are super proud. My friend are said that one thing we realised watching you for a month that no matter what is the lalach (greed), you will never stoop down. Your moral values and ethics are too strong. My fans are saying that it might have been a short journey, but they saw a gem of a human being inside the house. We rarely see such people in Bigg Boss.

People feel the current batch of contestants are majorly faking it inside the house?
I know there are comparisons to Bigg Boss 13. All the contestants of Bigg Boss 14 have watched 13 season time and again. They are trying to imitate someone or the other. Eijaz Khan says I am following Sidharth Shukla. He is looking like a pagal joker because of that. People are only mimicking others. It is not good for them in the long run. Leaving Jasmin and Rubina, all of them have already created a negative image outside. People are saying that people like Jaan are like a dhabba in the name of dosti. This is not good for the long run.

Rahul Vaidya is emerging as a favourite for many? What is your take on him?
Rahul’s thinking is quite negative. His tevar is galat (His attitude is not right). His way of dealing with situations is rather chhichhora (frivolous). But he stands on his words. Others are changing colours as per their convenience and support. He is playing alone, and I feel it is a good factor.

What did Kanika (Mann) tell you about your stint?
Kanika and I met after I left the show. She is saying same thing that perhaps my nature, strength, goodness, class, innocence did not work in the game show but in the real world, I have gained immense respect. I feel I have gained. My fans send me 1000s of fan mail on a daily basis. They say we are proud to be your fans and you are the most dignified person. They say my elimination was the most unfair as we voted and it was not counted. I have gained respect from the world.

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