Neena Gupta Once Told Masaba That Vivian Richards Wasn’t a ‘Family Man’

Neena Gupta

Veteran actor Neena Gupta recently released her autobiography Sach Kahun Toh. In the book, she was perfectly candid about her journey as an actor, life as a single mother, and more.

In an interview from 2015, Neena talked about Masaba Gupta’s father Vivian Richard’s presence in their life. Revealing that Masaba used to be upset that Vivian didn’t keep in touch, Neena added that she explained to her daughter that Vivan wasn’t a ‘family man’.

Neena revealed, to Times of India, that even though the West Indies cricketer called on special occasions like Masaba’s birthday, and even met them, there were times when he vanished for a stretch of almost 3 years.

“”I told her how her father is not a family man and how he was like this and this. In the beginning, she would feel bad that Vivian was not in touch with her till the age of about 20, but then he got in touch. His problem also is that he is not net savvy and so, it is very difficult to get in touch with him.”” – Neena Gupta, Times of India

She added that he often finds it difficult to ‘express his emotions’. Neena talked about how Richards would ‘go mad’ trying to get her something if she asked for it but wouldn’t bring her anything on his own. However, Neena did conclude by saying that Richards is a “very nice guy, down-to-earth, and disciplined”.

In a 2017 interview, Masaba had said that she has massive respect for both her parents. “Through the time when I was between 8 till I turned 14, I remember my holidays with my father. He was very active in commentary then, travelling the world, and he would come to India quite often,” she added.

Source – Yahoo Style

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