Nargis Dutt Never Wore Any Saree Gifted By Sunil Dutt & The Reason Will Break Your Heart!

Sunil Dutt

Sunil Dutt was very sad at first but later laughed, thinking that at least she has kept all the gifts.

Nargis and Sunil Dutt’s love story is a tale that is etched in our minds even today. The actor loved his wife a lot and made sure that he fulfilled all her wishes and kept her happy. The Mother India actress loved wearing sarees and lots, which is why her husband kept gifting her different types of sarees whenever he went out shooting. But did you know she never wore any of those sarees?

Yes! You heard that right. Even though Nargis was happy with her husband’s gesture of gifting her different kinds of sarees, she never wore any of them. We know even you are curious to know the reason behind this. Well, keep scrolling further to know more.

The story dates back to the time when Nargis Dutt was getting ready to go to a party. Sunil Dutt noted that she did not wear any of the hundreds of sarees she had brought. The actor was left in a state of shock when the actress revealed the real reason behind not wearing any of those sarees.

Actually, Nargis Dutt told Sunil Dutt that she did not like the saris he brought. Many times she did not like the colour, and sometimes she did not like the pattern of the sarees. Nevertheless, she praised the hundreds of sarees gifted by her husband.

Well, after Sunil came to know the reality, he was kinda upset. Who wouldn’t be? But when Nargis told him that even though she does not wear her saree’s, she has kept all the sarees in her hands.

Sunil Dutt was very sad at first but later laughed, thinking that at least she has kept all the gifts.

Once Sanjay Dutt recalled his parent’s 23rd wedding anniversary, which was the last for his mother while giving an interview to a famous newspaper. Referring to that emotional moment, Sanjay said, “Mom and Dad’s 23rd anniversary on March 11, 1981, was a happy occasion. We had decorated Maa in green and red wedding sari, and even after that, many more saris came for her. She was a little sad that day and told Dad, ‘I think this is my last wedding anniversary. He had tears in his eyes. Dad sat down with them, and we all started watching him in peace.”

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