Kim Kardashian’s gym swimsuit has an absolutely massive cut-out

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian seems to be embracing the spring/summer spirit wholeheartedly by wearing swimwear for any and every occasion. Last month, she graced Instagram with a post of her wearing a bikini while studying for the California bar exam, which was such a mood (her bedazzled laptop case is basically the 2021 equivalent to Elle Woods’ fluffy pen). Now, Kim’s out here wearing yet another beach-worthy look for an unsuspecting activity: a swimsuit to work out.

Overnight, Kim shared a pic to her feed showing her doing some weights training while looking 3000% photoshoot-ready. Yep, rather than throwing an old t-shirt over the top of gym leggings, the Kardashian is sporting something a little more glam. In the snap, Kim wears one of her bolder one-piece designs – a V-neck black swimsuit with mega high-cut legs and a totally cut out stomach. It’s basically a bikini joined at the sides.

Oh and, of course, who could forget this throwback snap from 2019 of Kim’s donning yet another trippy one-piece while on a trip to Costa Rica:

Yep, it seems the cut-out style remains one of Kim K’s fave summer staples, whether she’s going for a swim or simply doing reps in the gym. And, as one of this season’s biggest trends, chances are we’re going to see her reinvent the look a few more times.

Source -Yahoo Style

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