Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal’s old lockdown video resurfaces, where she says ‘Yeh Aadmi Roj Meri Pitai Karta Hai’

Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal's

One of the most shocking developments of recent times from the world of ITV was the domestic violence controversy of Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal. On June 1, he was arrested by the Goregaon cop after she filed an FIR on him. It seems they had an argument and he banged her head on the wall of her bedroom. Nisha Rawal started bleeding and needed stitches for the same. While there were rumours of their marriage being in trouble, the case brought forth some ugly facts. Fans of Karan Mehra are in shock as he always came across as a very loving devoted father and husband. Nisha Rawal has even said that that he is having an affair with some other woman.

Now, an old video has resurfaced. It is from April 2021. In the video, Nisha Rawal is urging Karan Mehra to make a video for couples. While it looks like a fun one, we get hints that things are just not right. Nisha Rawal says this man beats her up daily, while he asserts that she is the biggest burden of his life. We can see that Karan Mehra is completely disinterested in that video. It seems like she took the initiative to do it. 

The couple have said that they tried to make things work, but it did not happen. Nisha Rawal apparently came to know about the other woman a year back and even told his parents. They did not give her the needed emotional support. Nisha Rawal is the only child of her parents. Her industry friends like Rohit K Verma, Karan V Grover and others are supporting her. It was also said that Karan Mehra took away all her earrings from commercials and even the jewellery given to her at the time of marriage. Let us see how things end up for the couple!

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