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On the 60th birth anniversary of the people’s Princess, Diana, people all over the world are paying tribute to her generous and passionate work towards humanity.Jul 02, 2021, 00:25 AM IST  

People across the world celebrate Princess of Wales, Diana’s 60the birth anniversary as they remember her for all the humanitarian work and charities that changed the lives of many underprivileged people.

Before she became Diana, the Princess of Wales, she was Diana Spencer born in 1961 to an aristocratic family close to the royal family.(Image credit: Twitter/dianaofhearts)

The grand royal wedding

The grand royal wedding

She met Charles at a polo match in 1980 for the second time and from there their relationship began. On February 24, 1981, their engagement was announced, and her beauty and shy demeanour which earned her the nickname “Shy Di”—made her an instant sensation with the media and the public.  The couple married in St. Paul’s Cathedral on July 29, 1981, in a globally televised ceremony watched by an audience numbering in the hundreds of millions. (Image credit: Twitter/dianaofhearts)

Diana: Princess of Wales

Diana: Princess of Wales

From the very first appearance of her as Princess of Wales she was recognized for her different style and iconic looks. On a personal level, her behaviour towards people was different from the rest of the royal family as she used to get close to people, shake hands, hold babies which was very uncommon.(Image credit: Twitter/dianaofhearts)

Diana’s royal heirs

Diana's royal heirs

On June 21, 1982, she gave birth to the heir, second in the line throne, Prince William. And two years later Prince Harry was born.(Image credit: Twitter/dianaofhearts)

Royal couple’s broken marriage

Royal couple's marriage breaks

In 1992 Princess Diana and Prince Charles separated formally after the marital breakdown. After prolonged negotiations that left Diana with a substantial financial settlement but without the title of Her Royal Highness, the couple’s divorce became final on August 28, 1996.(Image credit: Twitter/dianaofhearts)

Princess Diana known for her humanitarian work

Humanitarian work of Diana

After the divorce, Diana maintained her high public profile and continued many of the activities she had earlier undertaken on behalf of charities, supporting causes as diverse as the arts, children’s issues, and AIDS patients. (Image credit: Twitter/dianaofhearts)

Diana: People’s Princess

Diana: People's Princess

She died on August 31, 1997, in a tragic car crash in Paris but she is remembered as People’s Princess because of her humanitarian works. 

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