“Fans didn’t know exactly who AJ was on the first day” – Former WWE Superstar reveals AJ Styles’ massive impact on the Bullet Club

AJ Styles

Former WWE Superstar Karl Anderson has revealed how AJ Styles had a massive influence on the Bullet Club after joining the faction. Ahead of Anderson’s return to New Japan Pro Wrestling, the former Bullet Club member detailed Styles’ influence in an interview with NJPW.

During the interview, the former WWE RAW Tag Team Champion recalled how AJ Styles joined the Bullet Club after Prince Devitt’s (Finn Balor) departure. Anderson said that the Japanese fans didn’t know who Styles was on the first day but ‘The Phenomenal One’ brought his entire American fanbase with him to NJPW.

Styles’ influence on the Bullet Club and his loyal fanbase helped the faction get more attention from American audiences. Anderson confirmed that the former WWE Champion brought a lot of eyes on the Bullet Club:

“I remember for sure when Bullet Club was cool right? Like when it was me and Fale and Tama and Prince Devitt, like that was cool. But when Prince Devitt ended up leaving and AJ Styles came in and maybe the Japanese fans didn’t know exactly who AJ was on the first day but AJ had his whole fanbase that he brought from TNA and from the American audience that he built man. And that AJ Styles fanbase was big man and I think he brought whole lot of eyes to the Bullet Club.”

AJ Styles had a major impact on the Bullet Club upon his arrival

Following Balor’s signing with WWE, AJ Styles was revealed as the newest member of the Bullet Club. While it was true that most Japanese fans weren’t hugely familiar with who Styles was, ‘The Phenomenal One’ quickly settled into the faction and NJPW as a whole.

During his time with the group, AJ Styles won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship twice and led the Bullet Club. However, in 2016, Styles departed NJPW and left the Bullet Club, as Kenny Omega took over from him. The Good Brothers also followed Styles to WWE after leaving NJPW.

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