Emraan Hashmi: Serial kisser tag helped me, but was a curse as well

Emraan Hashmi said, ‘I didn’t have the objective viewpoint of how it’s affecting people or the domino effect that it will have.’

IIf you have followed Emraan Hashmi’s career closely, you would know that he was known as the serial kisser for many years. As the tag suggests, there was a time he had several kisses in films. It was used as a USP by filmmakers.

In an interview to TOI, the actor said that while the tag helped, it was also a curse. He said, “I think it was a bit of both. It helped in a way because it’s like you are associated with something; I was getting the kind of bold stories that were unheard of. It was a different track; I had my own journey and roadmap. If there were any negatives to it, I guess it was the constant boxing up, the ‘tag’ was uncalled for.

The actor added, “Why go down that road constantly when I am doing different stories and playing different characters. But, back then, the times were different, here was a country that was waking up to something and they found it to be very intriguing. They were amazed by it. I was just doing my job, but, apparently, millions of people were watching it and were fascinated by it. Good luck to them (laughs).

The actor was asked if he had a role to play in ‘normalizing’ on-screen kisses. He said, “It makes me feel so important like I was a part of some watershed event in Hindi cinema. But it was a paradigm shift from tilting up in the sky, and a bed of roses, to the actual peck. But when you’re in it, if you don’t see it that way. Maybe it was a cultural event for people who talked about kisses in hushed tones and didn’t expect to watch it on the big screen. To them, it may have seemed like I had brought this wave, but I don’t see it that way; I was just doing my job.”

The actor said the he was unaware of the effect the kisses would have. “As an actor, I was bringing the director’s vision to life and doing what was expected of me, no questions asked. I didn’t have the objective viewpoint of how it’s affecting people or the domino effect that it will have.”

Source – Bollywoodlife

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