Celina Jaitley OPENS up on being trolled for her breastfeeding picture; says, ‘There’s no way to be a perfect mother’

Celina Jaitley

Celina Jaitley OPENS up on the time when she trolled for posting a breastfeeding picture. The actress says that mothers are freely judged by one and all

Celina Jaitley has always been a candid woman. Whether it has been her support for LGBT rights or opening up on life after the loss of her parents, the actress has never shied away from showing her emotions. Fans of Celina Jaitley will remember her photoshoot after the birth of her twins, Winston and Viraj. Dressed in an aqua blue bikini, Celina had posed near the swimming pool. While one of her babies was being breastfed, the other one was lying down besides her. The actress looked stunning in the two-piece. Celina Jaitley wrote that she has a lot of memories with that picture. She was badly trolled when the pic first came out. She wrote on Instagram, “At that time while I thought I was sharing one of the most blessed times of my life, I was surprised to be trolled tremendously on social media (for child neglect & impossible body) published in the magazine by then editor @ramkamalmukherjee
In reality me and my 1 month old twins were actually enjoying a very rare, cool but sunny day by our poolside in Dubai.

The actress said that she was recovering from her C-section birth and the kids felt great in the outdoors. Celina Jaitley wrote about how people seem to troll irrespective of whatever the situation. She says there seems to be no end to the judgement that a new mother faces. The actress wrote about how some felt she was neglecting the baby. She writes, “Why must anyone even feel entitled to guess reasons behind every thing someone like me does which is not according to their preconceived notions.

The actress also reveals that she took extreme care during her pregnancy as she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It is a condition that can lead to miscarriage. She says she followed a strict diet and exercise regimen that led to good health benefits. Celina Jaitley further writes, “Why was I being judged ?? The twin who is on the mat (@winstonjhaag ) the doctors suspected dysplasia of the hip in twins (a condition which happens in multiple births), hence we always looked for opportunities to let him freely kick to keep an eye on the condition, however I was immensely harassed for apparently “neglecting” him by putting him next to me on the mat.

Celina reveals that she was hurt by the barrage of comments and judgement that she faced. She also says that she wanted to enjoy her first tryst with motherhood. The actress signed off saying that there is no rulebook to be a perfect mom but one can attempt to be a good one.

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