BTS: When Jungkook revealed that he would like to recreate this KISS from a film in his real life


BTS: Though he is known as a shy bunny, Jungkook has spoken about love once or twice. He said he did like to recreate this kissing scene from a film in his life.

BTS’ Jungkook is known as the baby bunny of the group. Over the years, fans have laughed at how Jungkook is shy around girls. Of course, no one did blame him given that he grew up around boys. But the young man does seem to be a closet romantic! In an interview with an entertainment magazine, he had spoken about what kind of kiss he did like to experience in his life. It seems he is a fan of the 2012 romantic blockbuster Love 911. Go-Soo and Han Hyo-joo were the main leads. In the climax of the movie, the main protagonist realises his feelings and rushes straight to his woman. He picks her up in the middle of the street and kisses her passionately. Jeon Jungkook said he did like to experience a liplock like that once in his life. Well, the scene happened in the middle of a street! 

Jungkook who is extremely athletic and has got the looks has said that he wants a girlfriend who is toned and has muscles. He also said that he did like it if she can cook and sing too. Jungkook also said that he did like his girl to be competitive as he has that characteristic.

However, none of the members have publicly admitted to dating. They have said that work is important at this phase of life. Jungkook even said that sleep is more important to him than dating someone. He is a fanboy of IU and Emma Watson. The young man left the world transfixed with his sexy vibe at Muster 2021. Rock hard abs, tattoos, piercing with an attitude to match made him super sexy. As we know, all the members have a 24×7 love affair with the ARMY! As RM said they have millions of girlfriends!

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