BTS: Jungkook’s hyungs Suga, J-Hope once did a tell-all revealing the Golden Maknae’s sexy habits, stinginess and cosmetic stealing


BTS: Jungkook the Golden Maknae is loved by his bandmates. But they do tease him a lot. These revelations will leave you ROFL

Jungkook the youngest member of BTS is loved by millions. But his bandmates do love to tease him. We know that he has been with them since the age of 13-14, and they literally raised him. They can pull each other legs 24×7 all in a good-humoured way though. Jungkook has a great body and does not mind showing off his abs and biceps in unbuttoned shirts. Jimin said that Jungkook likes to be extra sexy, which is why he keeps his shirt open even when they are backstage. The Golden Maknae said that flaunting one’s torso is something he learnt from Jimin. Well, the Filter singer is not called the ‘God Of Seduction’ for nothing! 

Suga said in an interview that Jungkook is quite cheap. The Daechwita singer meant that Jungkook was kind of stingy. The latter said that he once spent close to 800 USD on a celebratory dinner, which the host did not believe. Suga said that he always pays when they dine out as he is elder to him. Isn’t that a very desi thing to do? There is a difference of five years between Suga and Jungkook. He says he expects Jungkook to pay at times but Kookie has assumed that his hyung will always foot the bill.

V said that Jungkook was so shy that he always showered after making sure that others were sleeping. Basically, they lived together in a small apartment and two people often ended up using the bathroom together. But the funniest claim was made by J-Hope during Festa 2015. He said that Jungkook has the habit of hoarding all the cosmetic products given to them by their head of beauty department. Suga wondered if he used all of them. Jungkook said he did not just hoard stuff. He also told J-Hope that he could also use them! 

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