Ananya Panday’s Cousin Alanna Moves in With Boyfriend, Reveals Family’s Reaction to Her Decision

ananya pandey

Actress Ananya Panday’s cousin Alanna Panday, who is the daughter of health coach Deanne Panday, is currently in a live-in relationship with Ivor McCray V. In a video shared on her YouTube channel, Alanna spoke about how her family reacted to her decision to move in with Ivor.

“They were so happy. I remember telling my mom first that we are getting a house and she was absolutely ecstatic. Besides me moving in with him, this was also the first house that I got on my own, I was paying my own rent, and it was just a big step in my life, besides moving in with my boyfriend. Just having my own place,” she said.

When asked if she had to convince her parents about her live-in relationship, Alanna said, “I already answered this. Parents are super open-minded about everything. Not just about living with Ivor, I think my parents are super open-minded in general. So, there was no convincing. I just called them one day and said, ‘Hey guys, this is the guy. I love him. We are staying together.’”

Alanna and Ivor have been living together in Los Angeles since June last year. “Eight months in the house but unofficially, we have been living together since January, so over a year,” she said.

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