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A few families have had several of its members work in WWE over the years, including some siblings.

WWE has had its fair share of siblings working under its roof. Usually, the WWE Universe saw pairs of brothers like Jeff and Matt Hardy, for example, or twin sisters, like The Bellas. However, having a brother and a sister work for WWE has been a rare case.

Only four sisters have followed in their brothers’ footsteps to compete in WWE. Nonetheless, a fifth sister works backstage while her brother throws punches and kicks in the ring.

All five brother-sister pairs come from famous wrestling families. While some lived up to their families’ legacy, others were a little less successful.

Here are five brothers and sisters who have worked in WWE.

#1. WWE CBO Stephanie McMahon – Shane McMahon

Stephanie and Shane McMahon

Stephanie and Shane McMahon are probably the most famous brother-sister in WWE history. They have played many roles over the years in their father’s company, both on-screen and backstage. They have also wrestled side by side.

Shane’s debut match came against Mankind on Monday Night RAW in December 1998. He lost it by disqualification. A little less than a year later, Stephanie had her first match when she teamed up with Test to defeat Debra and Jeff Jarret in a mixed tag team match on RAW.

Stephanie won the Women’s Championship by defeating Jacqueline in only her second match in March 2000. The Billion Dollar Princess lost her title five months later to Lita and never won a championship again in WWE.

Shane is a former champion as well. The 51-year-old held the European Championship, Hardcore Championship, and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. He also won the WWE World Cup in 2018.

The brother and sister teamed up once in July 2000 to face Lita and The Big Show but lost the match by disqualification. Stephanie is currently the Chief Brand Officer of WWE, while her brother works in production.

#2. WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt – Mika Rotunda

Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, and Mika Rotunda

WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt’s father, grandfather, and uncles were all wrestlers. Both of his siblings have also worked for WWE.

Bray Wyatt’s brother is former NXT and WWE RAW Tag Team Champion Bo Dallas. Their sister, Mika, also worked for WWE as a production assistant.

Mika holds a degree in broadcasting and has landed several jobs in the field over the years. According to her LinkedIn, she is now an On-Air Personality and Associate Producer at Cox Media Group. Mika also became a licensed realtor last January, working full-time at Heart of Florida Realty.

Wyatt’s sister was once rumored to play the on-screen character of Sister Abigail, but that did not happen. Both her brothers are currently off WWE Television. Bo Dallas was recently released from his contract, while The Fiend Bray Wyatt has not been seen since his defeat against Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37.

Wyatt might return to the WWE ring soon as The Fiend was advertised to appear on the August 9 episode of Monday Night RAW.

#3. WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair – David Flair

Charlotte, Ric, and David Flair

The Flairs are one of the most recognized families in the pro wrestling business. Ric Flair is a multi-time WWE Hall of Famer and 16-time world champion. His daughter, Charlotte, is also one of the top WWE Superstars today.

Although a young Charlotte did not want to become a wrestler, she followed in her father and brother’s footsteps later. Her older brother David was the first Ric Flair child to step inside the squared circle. In 1999, he joined WCW, where he spent two years. He then moved to WWE in 2001 after Vince McMahon bought WCW.

David’s run in WWE was short and lasted for just a few months. He wrestled in a few dark matches on Velocity, Heat and SmackDown. However, his only televised match came against The Undertaker on SmackDown in March 2002. The Deadman beat David up before Ric Flair came to his son’s rescue. David lost the match by disqualification.

David Flair left WWE to join TNA in December 2002. A decade later, his sister Charlotte debuted on NXT. She went on to become one of the most successful superstars in WWE history. The Queen is now a 13-time champion and chasing her 14th title.

Charlotte is currently in a feud with WWE RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley. They will square off for the title at Money in the Bank next Sunday.

#4. Former WWE Superstar Paige – Zak Zodiac

Paige and Zak Zodiac

Paige is a legend in WWE and was a major player in the Women’s Revolution. However, she was not the first to compete in a WWE ring from her family.

The Anti-Diva comes from a wrestling family. Her parents were wrestlers. They founded the World Association of Wrestling promotion in 1994. Her brothers, Zak and Roy, are also in the business.

Zak had competed in WWE before his sister. Paige debuted on Monday Night RAW in April 2014 to, surprisingly, defeat the Divas Champion AJ Lee and capture the title on her first night. Nearly three years earlier, her brother Zak Zodiac had a match on SmackDown.

Zodiac teamed up with Andy Baker and Tom LaRuffa as they got squashed by The Big Show on the Blue Brand in November 2011. Paige’s brother never worked again in WWE. His sister remains the most successful wrestler in the family.

Paige has made a lot of history in WWE. She was the first NXT Women’s Champion. The Anti-Diva is also a two-time Divas Champion and the youngest to hold the title ever.

In April 2018, the 28-year-old announced her retirement from in-ring competition due to injury.

#5. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Tamina – Former WWE Tag Champion Deuce

Tamina and Deuce

Tamina is currently living her best moments in WWE. She finally became a champion, winning the Women’s Tag Team titles alongside Natalya last May by defeating Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler on SmackDown.

Tamina is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka. She is also the sister of former WWE Superstar Deuce.

Deuce debuted in WWE on SmackDown in January 2007, a little over three years before his sister. He was part of the Deuce ‘n Domino tag team.

Just three months following his debut, The 49-year-old had his first taste of gold in WWE when he and his partner won the Tag Team Championships from Brian Kendrick and Paul London. The pair held the titles until August before losing them to MVP and Matt Hardy.

In May 2008, Deuce ‘n Domino split following a loss against Jesse and Festus. Later, the WWE Draft sent Deuce to RAW, where he changed his name to Sim Snuka. However, his run on the Red Brand was short as WWE released him in August of the same year.

In May 2010, Deuce’s sister made her debut on RAW. Tamina has been in WWE for over 11 years now. Over the years, she competed for the Divas Championship and SmackDown Women’s title several times but came up short. It was her alliance with Natalya that gave the 43-year-old her first title in WWE. She has now become a tag team champion like her brother was in 2007.

Tamina and Natalya have been feuding with Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke over the past few weeks. However, they seem to have new challengers for their titles. Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart defeated the champs on their main roster debut last Friday on SmackDown.

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